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Welcome To Alliance Global Capital Ltd.

Alliance Global Capital Ltd. was established on April 4, 2010 to provide Business Consultancy Services to SME’s willing to raise Capital by IPO and to enhance their marketing and business practice.

The principal activities of the company are investment holding and consultancy business.

The registered office of the company is situated in Australia at Suite 214, Level 2, Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153, Australia.

The Business

The Company invests in other successful businesses that are in need of capital to take full advantage of market conditions and to access international possibilities.

Upon investments in a business, the Company then assists via the fully owned subsidiary Alliance Global Capital Pte. Ltd., Singapore, the business to gain access to stock markets, to private equity funds, hedge funds, as well as private sophisticated investors, allowing the business to choose the most suited funding option for their business.

The primary investment objective of the Company is aggressive investment and transaction oriented with focus on wealth creation for its shareholders.

The main investment activities of the Company are expected to focus on small to medium sized businesses that are suitable for future listing on recognised stock exchanges, and may require further working capital, development assistance and/or management to realize their respective potential.



Andrew is an Australian solicitor with over 31 years experience in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. He is the responsible person for Highgate Corporate Advisors Pty Ltd, the Company’s NSX Nominated Advisors and has listed and advised numerous companies on the NSX, as well as the ASX.






Mr. Pedersen graduated from the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark in 2002, and holds a Masters Degree in Finance. He is a financial specialist and long-time Corporate Director.

Mr. Pedersen’s professionalism ensured that immediately after graduation, he was hired as the Director of a retail company. Within 2 years he took ownership of the company via a Management Buy-Out and the company’s employment turnover rose from just 15 people to 50 in 2009. It was at this stage when he seized the opportunity to sell the business.

His flare for business ventures evolved and he established an investment company specifically for the Solar Energy sector, and in the three years following, the company became by far the largest and most successful investment company for Solar Energy in Denmark. In 2010, the company managed Solar Plant investments for more than USD 150 million, and during this time, he had constructed and financed more than 20 large scale Solar Plants in Germany, Spain and Italy. In 2010 he sold this venture and has moved his interests into structured corporate bonds and has also acquired a share in an Oil Depot and Refinery. Through his well-established network he has continued his funding work and also assists in the management of several companies.

Mr. Pedersen’s knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of business and finance enable him to be well positioned and highly respected within our organisation.


Mr. Carteny is a graduate of the University of Siena, Faculty of Economics and Banking – Thesis Institute of Accountants General and Applied. In 1999 he registered as a member of the Public Statutory Auditors and became a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in the United Kingdom.

His professional experience includes acting as a Statutory Public Auditor in two companies, one which specialises in sportswear, helmets, goggles and trading distribution and the second a construction and real estate property company.

His experience makes him a diverse and dynamic individual. He has many years of being responsible for the correct and accurate deliverance of finance, procurement and company information and has proved himself to be an honest and reliable asset to any organisation.

Mr. Carteny’s knowledge and skills have enabled him to successfully act in the mergers and acquisitions fields and his strengths ensured the continuity of the businesses without any negative impact on the level of motivation of employees.

His excellent communication skills, coupled with multi-language ability including English and French make Sergio a valuable member of the team.

Our Investments