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Alliance Global Capital Ltd is an investment company that searches for small to medium sized businesses that are suitable for future listing on a recognised stock exchange!

  • Aggressive investment and transaction oriented with focus on wealth creation for its shareholders.
  • Focus on small to medium sized businesses that are suitable for future listing.
  • Gain access to stock markets, to private equity funds, hedge funds, as well as private sophisticated investors.
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1205, 2017

Alliance Global Capital Ltd. (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: WKN: A2DNBZ) warns: “Hacked Industrial Robots Destroy Business”

12th May 2017, Australia: Mogul Wave And Teebase UK to Have a solution Ready in Two Weeks

No, this isn’t the title of a horror movie or a science thriller for teens. It’s the headline from tomorrow, or the headline of today that didn’t get printed.


405, 2017

Mogul Wave Pt. Ltd., a large capital interest of Alliance Global Capital Ltd., has gotten the first product placed in the App Stores of Apple and Google.

4th May 2017: Mogul Wave Pt. Ltd., of which Alliance Global Capital Ltd. has a larger capital interest, has just gotten the app approved and launched in the App Stores of Apple and Google. […]

Financial Products

Strong Relations with Financial Institutions

Alliance Global Capital has strong relations with various Financial Institutions and can help companies acquire letters of credit, bank guarantees, proof of funds and performance bonds.

Credit Facility

Need a Flexible Financing Structure?

A Credit Facility is a flexible financing structure in which there is a commitment to purchasing shares of common stock directly from a company, at prevailing market prices, over a multi-year period.